• Event Planning Timeline and Checklist

Interested in hosting a camp, conference, or event on campus? The outlined list will provide a general planning outline to assist with hosting your event with Conference & Event Services. Your assigned conference coordinator can guide you through an individual planning process to ensure your event runs smoothly.

General Timeline:

Conference & Event Services reviews contracts and rates annually. Once they are finalized, the following process is initiated:

  • CES Intern confirms Reservation Form has been received and follows up with any questions.
  • CES Coordinator follows up with client's request and shares next steps.
  • CES prepares a quote for the event and provides to client for review and approval.
  • Once the quote is approved, CES makes edits to reservation and prepares contract.
  • Contract is sent to client for review and signature.
  • CES provides will share a welcome letter 30 days prior to arrival with an overview of services.
  • CES provides a statement of account to client for review within 14 days of departure date.
  • University of Minnesota accounts receivable will provide a final invoice to client for payment

Client Deliverables & Deadlines:

Task Deadline
Client submits Request for Proposal or Reservation Request to Conference & Event Services (CES)

Initiates the contracting process

Client reviews quote provided by CES and approves or recommends changes

Within 14 days of receipt of quote

Client returns (1) signature page of contract, (2) certificate of liability insurance, (3) deposit, and (4) non-profit documentation

Within 30 days of receipt of contract

Client provides on-site contact information (email & phone number) and schedule of activities to CES Coordinator

30 days or more prior to conference arrival

Submit final guarantees as applicable for services provided:

  • Housing: Business Operations Supervisor
  • Dining: Meal Plan Office
  • Gopher Gold: Conference & Event Services
  • Parking: Conference & Event Services

By 8:00am, 14 days or more prior to arrival

Client reviews billing for any errors and confirms with CES

Within 14 days of receipt of statement of account

Client remits final payment upon receipt of invoice

By deadline provided on final invoice